Facilitation Thread

The entire Atlas is based on a mission of librarians:


The threads take the major ideas in this mission and map it down to why that is part of the mission, and how librarians can fulfill it.

Here is the intro to the Facilitation Thread:

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Knowledge Creation

Teaser for the Knowledge Creation Thread.

The point of these little videos is to set a tone for the thread, not replace it. I’m also trying to capture the tone of the text – personal and conversational as opposed to scholarly third person passive voice. As you can also tell…it is cold in Syracuse.

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The Mission

The first of the threads focuses on the mission of librarians and the importance of a worldview…

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Structure of the Atlas

The following video talks about the structure of the Atlas and how it works:

By the way, If you are wondering why the video is in portrait and not landscape – it has to do with their use on the iPad app.

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Run Up to the Atlas

The Atlas of New Librarianship will be officially announced (and sold) at this year’s ACRL conference in Philadelphia on March 31st at 2. If you have followed this blog you know what the Atlas is, and have been seeing the creation process of the book, the companion website, and the companion iPad app. To get ready for the launch, I wanted to take the next two weeks to give you a taste of the Atlas and the companion content.

Over the coming days I’ll post video clips introducing the different threads and section of the Atlas. Today I’d like to share the introductory video for the companion site:

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Awesome Librarians

“Awesome Librarians” ILEADU Kickoff, Springfield, IL.

Slides: http://quartz.syr.edu/rdlankes/Presentations/2011/ILEADU2.pdf
Audio: http://quartz.syr.edu/rdlankes/pod/2011/ILEADU2.mp3


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Cute as an Atomic Bomb

OK, first you must watch this video. It is at the very least, adorable:

Now, reflect on what you just saw. A kid (10 maybe?) talking about using AutoCAD to make a 3D object. What’s more, talking about using an open source self-replicating 3D printer. Do not simply dismiss this as one extraordinary kid (though I’m sure he is). This technology is coming to your home and your children. We are entering the day when a 10 year old can design the next action figure, lego, or vehicle, and then email it to their friends. Not consumer, not producer, but participant in a creative community.

Imagine your dishwasher breaks and you call the manufacturer. Instead of mailing you the part, they email it to your printer. Are librarians ready for that? Imagine a member walking in to your library with the idea for the next great gadget. You can help them research it, make it, and then build a community around it. This is facilitating knowledge as much as giving them a “how to” book.

Thanks to Stephen Abram for the link, and thanks to Meg Backus who saw this coming years ago.

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