Lankes Officially Full…Of It?

This weekend made it official…I am now a Full Professor!

R. David Lankes, Full Professor

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Grand Challenges of Librarianship

“Grand Challenges of Librarianship” Keynote Swedish Library Association’s Annual Conference 2011, Visby, Sweden.

Abstract: Instead of facusing on the future of our communities we all too often seem to chase them through technology hoping to find new relevance for our collections and buildings. In such a world every new tool is a potential threat, any perceived encroachment into documents or services an enemy to be rationalized and dismissed. This must stop. We must first identify Grand Challenges facing our communities and then evaluate our mission in light of these challenges. Only then can we refine, adapt, and create tools to improve society.


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“Radical” Keynote Florida Library Association’s Annual Conference 2011, Orlando, FL.

Abstract: We must go further. We must go deeper into our communities. We must bring radical positive change for our members. They are drowning in overpriced mortgages, our students are entering the job market with crippling academic debt, our children are struggling with underperforming schools.

And we must take a deep long look at ourselves. How can we expect radical positive change in our communities if we are unwilling to change ourselves? We must put every function, every budget item, every assumption under the microscope. We do this not to find efficiencies or downsize or “do more with less,” but to see if they meet the test of our noble and radical mission.



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Cool Atlas News

Two cool Atlas related pieces of news:

1. MIT Press has decided to do a second print run of the Atlas of New Librarianship. Note this is not a second edition (seeing as it was just released last month) so no new matieral.

2. But, speaking of new content for the Atlas, I’ll be adding some new Agreement Supplements to the Atlas Website (and the iPad app in a little bit). These were produced by some amazing doctoral students here at Syracuse. They will be going live over the next week or so, please check back. Agreements include:

  • Innovation
  • Web 2.0
  • User-Centered Design
  • Issues of Institutional Repositories
  • Community as Collection
  • Hybrid Environments

These supplements provide additional resources and perspectives (sometimes differing) of topics discussed in the Atlas. For faculty out there, they also make a great assignment and I’d love to work with you to get them on the site. As always, they are really points to start conversations about the profession.

I’ll mark them as “proposed” supplements – meaning they are open for discussion and consideration for any future editions of the Atlas.

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The Heart of Teaching and Learning Into the Future

“The Heart of Teaching and Learning Into the Future” SUNY Oswego Library, Oswego, NY.



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The Post Recession Library

“The Post Recession Library” PLA Virtual Spring Symposium 2011, Online.

Abstract: They say a crisis is a terrible thing to waste. How can libraries and librarians use the economic downturn to reintroduce themselves to their community? How can we restructure libraries and the work of librarians for the future? What entrepreneurial services can a post-recession library offer to their communities suffering from unemployment? This session will talk about conceptual approaches and concrete examples of emerging from the downturn.
Audio: (Sorry for the clicking…I’ll see if PLA has a better audio source)


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The Atlas of New Librarianship

Lankes, R. David (2011). The Atlas of New Librarianship. Cambridge, Ma: MIT Press.

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