New Librarianship

What is New Librarianship? It is librarianship recast through a focus on communities and knowledge over collections and buildings. It is about the “why” of libraries and librarianship over the “how.” It all starts with the mission of the librarian:

The mission of librarians is to improve society through facilitating knowledge creation in their communities

This approach is┬ádetailed in the Atlas of New Librarianship, and is being extended in the forthcoming Radical’s Guide to New Librarianship. It also includes tools for librarians like the New Librarianship MOOC (used by over 3,000 participants) and non-librarians like Expect More: Demanding Better Libraries for Today’s┬áComplex World.

This page serves as simply a cover for these projects and the deeper content for you to explore.

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The Atlas of New Librarianship Expect More New Librarianship Master Class The New Librarianship Field Guide
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