A Good PET Scan

If there is one thing that cancer has not taught me it is patience, so here’s the punch line: Had my first PET scan since the stem cell (bone marrow) transplant on Wednesday. Got the results today. The results: no indication of cancer at this time.

Now for more nuance than Twitter will allow. My oncologist sees no indications of lymphoma on the scan and is comfortable waiting 3 to 6 months for another scan. This is clearly good news. I don’t (and probably never shall) use the word cure. The cancer can come back, that’s why I’ll be monitored for the next several years (remember that the stem cell transplant procedure has a 50% success rate).

So. Great news. A great reason to have a great summer. I still have a compromised immune system, so I watch what I eat, stay away from sick folks, and off of airplanes (and cruise ships).

One scan down – a bunch more to go!

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13 Responses to A Good PET Scan

  1. jtrea says:

    Such wonderful news! I would have an ice cream cone if I were you.

  2. This is awesome news, David. Will continue to keep you in my thoughts, but doing a little happy dance in my office at the moment. Sarah

  3. Barbara Stripling says:

    YES! The best news ever. Barb

  4. lizliddy says:

    Terrific! I knew that your pet scan was Wednesday & have been wait for a post from you! I’m ecstatic! Terrific way to start the summer! Enjoy!

  5. Barbara Kwasnik says:

    Your good news is bubbling across the Internets! Couldn’t be happier.

  6. Diane kresh says:

    This is wonderful news, Dave and a sign of hope for a friend of mine dealing with the same cancer. Enjoy the summer and your family.

  7. Olimpia Bartolucci says:

    Fantastico Dave, grande notizia!! Un saluto pieno di sole dall’Italia, Perugia, a te alla tua famiglia!!!

  8. Alyce Scott says:

    Wonderful wonderful news!!! What a great way to start summer vacation – and I’m doing a little happy dance too!

  9. Fantastic news!! I will continue to think healing thoughts for you. :) Here’s to many more clear scans in your future!

  10. Mieneke says:

    Wonderful news! Enjoy your summer :D

  11. judyluther says:

    I”m so very glad to hear this wonderful news which makes me very happy. Enjoy your summer. Though we’ll miss you at ALA.

  12. Will G says:

    Incredible news! Clear scan and clear skies ahead!

  13. Terry Morris says:

    Late to the party but great news!

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