Cancer Update

Here is an update on my health. After 6 months of chemo, a new biopsy shows that the cancer is not gone. This, of course, is not good news. There are however, several effective treatment options still open, and over the next few days I will be going through them with my doctors and family to determine the next steps.

I still hope to continue to teach and present via Skype where I can. Once again I don’t want to disappear or fade away. I hope to keep folks updated here and continue to make a contribution to my school and the field. However, it is clear that I just can’t plan too far in advance. Note the use of terms like “hope” instead of “plan to.” It seems every time I post something rosy and optimistic about my health something goes wrong.

I am worried, particularly about my family and the toll this will take on them. I have asked much of my family, friends, and colleagues, and I must now ask for more.

There is no joy in cancer, save the love of friends and family it makes evident. You all have been so supportive during this process. If you want to know how to help: please help my wife, give blood, and keep the faith.

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