Moving Past the Deficit Model and Demonstrating Our Worth

“Moving Past the Deficit Model and Demonstrating Our Worth” Texas Library Association Annual Conference. Fort Worth, TX (via Skype).

Abstract: Our communities, be they an academy or a city, are not broken. Our communities are not passive users of services or consumers of reading. Our communities are our true collection. Their expertise, inventiveness, and experiences are a richer collection of knowledge than can be found in any set of stacks. Our operations and our advocacy must reflect community aspirations and dreams, not deficits and failings. This session will examine ideas and examples of aspiration advocacy and community-based services.


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Question 1 – How can we get people to realize the library has services that they value and that we are not just collection?
Question 2 – In the examples of building social networks for community organizations, how can we do that with our current systems?
Question 2 – You talked about people building systems around them? Our catalogs can’t do that today, and I have questions everyday on how to use the catalog. What is available to have members build these systems and their networks?


Moving Past the Deficit Model and Demonstrating Our Worth from R. David Lankes on Vimeo.

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  1. Acrobat says the PDF of the slides is “damaged and cannot be repaired.”

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  3. Just to let you know, this discussion at the TLA Conference was exciting and thought provoking. I heard from many great comments from those in the audience. So glad I had the chance to work with you and hear you speak.