Lankes Appointed as Dean’s Scholar for the New Librarianship

From Dean Liz Liddy, Syracuse University iSchool:

“I am pleased to announce that in recognition of Dave Lankes’ outstanding contributions to the evolving field of Library Science, I have appointed him to the well-deserved position of Dean’s Scholar for the New Librarianship. Through his writing and speaking about what it means to be a librarian in this day & age, Dave has increased the scope and potential of the field, and has even further improved our very positive reputation in ways that are difficult to measure. Please join me in congratulating Dave for this well-deserved honor.”

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6 Responses to Lankes Appointed as Dean’s Scholar for the New Librarianship

  1. Nicolette says:

    Congratulations, Reverend Dave! I have said it before and will say it many times to come: You rock [new] Librarianship!

  2. Congratulations on this well-deserved honor! Thank you for being such an inspiration.

  3. Charlie Ali says:

    u have given the profession a new philosophical foundation consistent with the tradition of american pragmatism…glad 4 u…also a credit 2 ur university 2 have u

  4. Bob Schrier says:

    Congrats to you sir. Remember that you will be required to produce an increase of 511 Daveheart commensurate with the new title.

  5. Colin Bain says:

    Congratulations Dave and very well deserved for your innovation and inspiration to librarians around the world.