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Nerd Absurd’s 100th Podcast

I’m a big fan of the Nerd Absurd podcast and had a blast talking to Virginia, Nick, Leland, and Andrew. We talked libraries, maker spaces, MOOCs, tenure and academia. Perhaps that’s why I have such a good time….they let me … Continue reading

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No More Speaking Engagements for the Year…and Cancer

The short version: I am not accepting new speaking engagements for the next year. The longer version: I am accepting no new speaking engagements beyond those I have already committed to, unless they can be pre-recorded. The long version: On … Continue reading

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Changing Times: Inspiring Libraries

The British Columbia Libraries put on an incredible event highlighting innovation in libraries and challenging librarians, politicians, administrators, and citizens to think different about libraries and impact. They have now put online videos from the summit and they are well … Continue reading

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Mid York Quick Talk

I put this video together for the Mid Work library system trustees. THought it might be useful (and it is short): MidYork from R. David Lankes on Vimeo.

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Travel and News for the Upcoming Year

This year I will need to stay off the road again this spring to take care of my wife as she has surgery on her other foot (the good news here is that she only has two feet so this … Continue reading

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Expect More: The Book

Announcing (and seeking help on) my next book, Expect More: Demanding Better Libraries For Today’s Complex World. At the beginning of the year I said my focus for the year would be on expecting more. That’s what this book is … Continue reading

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Video from Harvard Debate

Here’s the video from the Harvard debate (to understand why I am arguing that libraries are obsolete see this post and this post) More information about the Harvard series available here.

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