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IMLS Grant Funding Program to Boost Library Workers’ Online Teaching Skills

A press release on a new IMLS grant we’re doing with the fantastic folks at South Central Regional Library Council Original story at IMLS Grant Funding Program to Boost Library Workers’ Online Teaching Skills By: Diane Stirling (315) 443-8975 … Continue reading

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No More Speaking Engagements for the Year…and Cancer

The short version: I am not accepting new speaking engagements for the next year. The longer version: I am accepting no new speaking engagements beyond those I have already committed to, unless they can be pre-recorded. The long version: On … Continue reading

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Expect More at SXSW

The Digital Public Library of America announced the availability of LibraryBoxes throughout the SXSW conference (and Austin). Folks can connect wirelessly to these boxes and download books, videos and other digital files. We’ve included my Expect More book for those … Continue reading

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Nerd Absurd

I had a great time talking about the future of libraries and general issues of open access and the importance of librarians with the Nerd Absurd podcasting crew. It is a long conversation, but pretty free wheeling, have a listen: … Continue reading

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Another (Better) Note About My Health

Last November I posted a not about my failing health. Since August I was struggling with some unknown ailment that was causing constant fatigue (sleeping 16 and 18 hours a day), shaking, headaches, and a general lack of energy. Things … Continue reading

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A Note About my Health

Normally I don’t use this blog for personal news and announcements. However, recently my medical life has come crashing into my professional life and I wanted to let you know what is going on. For the past three months I … Continue reading

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Site Go Boom

Had a technical glitch with my homepage. It is back up, but I’m working to fix the look and feel issues…looks like it is time for a new design.

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