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Expect More…Audio

[TL;DR version: Working with Circulating Ideas and the NerdAbsurb podcasts I'm making an Expect More Audio book.] There are some great reasons for doing books with publishers. You get great editorial and design assistance. There is no way I could … Continue reading

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Nerd Absurd’s 100th Podcast

I’m a big fan of the Nerd Absurd podcast and had a blast talking to Virginia, Nick, Leland, and Andrew. We talked libraries, maker spaces, MOOCs, tenure and academia. Perhaps that’s why I have such a good time….they let me … Continue reading

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I Want Your Blood…Donated

As many of you know, I have been battling Hodgkin’s Lymphoma for the past year. I’ve been through chemo and most recently a stem cell transplant. Throughout this entire ordeal, I have received numerous blood transfusions that have enabled me to keep fighting. Through … Continue reading

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IMLS Grant Funding Program to Boost Library Workers’ Online Teaching Skills

A press release on a new IMLS grant we’re doing with the fantastic folks at South Central Regional Library Council Original story at IMLS Grant Funding Program to Boost Library Workers’ Online Teaching Skills By: Diane Stirling (315) 443-8975 … Continue reading

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No More Speaking Engagements for the Year…and Cancer

The short version: I am not accepting new speaking engagements for the next year. The longer version: I am accepting no new speaking engagements beyond those I have already committed to, unless they can be pre-recorded. The long version: On … Continue reading

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Expect More at SXSW

The Digital Public Library of America announced the availability of LibraryBoxes throughout the SXSW conference (and Austin). Folks can connect wirelessly to these boxes and download books, videos and other digital files. We’ve included my Expect More book for those … Continue reading

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Nerd Absurd

I had a great time talking about the future of libraries and general issues of open access and the importance of librarians with the Nerd Absurd podcasting crew. It is a long conversation, but pretty free wheeling, have a listen: … Continue reading

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