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Expect More…Audio

[TL;DR version: Working with Circulating Ideas and the NerdAbsurb podcasts I'm making an Expect More Audio book.] There are some great reasons for doing books with publishers. You get great editorial and design assistance. There is no way I could … Continue reading

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“Continuous Learning” Opening Keynote for The Library OnConference. Online. Abstract: Librarians must build a system of continuous learning to better to engage their communities. From Alexandria to Ferguson to your back yard, librarians can make an amazing difference. Slides: … Continue reading

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Radical Librarians in Ferguson and Beyond

A militarized police force – clad in body armor, helmets, and camouflage – shot rubber bullets and tear gas at the protestors. Children huddled in their houses, unable to sleep as their parents took turns watching the front doors for … Continue reading

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Ferguson Library

I have never been to Ferguson. I have never been to the Ferguson Library. I love the Ferguson Library. Go look at this page: Now read this: I read these right after re-reading my book Expect More for … Continue reading

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New Librarianship MasterClass/MOOC Starts Monday

Just a reminder that the New Librarianship MOOC will be offered again starting on Monday. Look here for more information: Look here for self-registration information:

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Innovation in the Country

“Innovation in the Country” Keynote for ILEAD USA. Abstract: Innovation should look like Silicon Valley…if you serve Silicon Valley. Otherwise, it should look like your community. I tried something different for this one…live video with on screen pop ups. Please … Continue reading

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Interview with Anna Maria Tammaro

Video and audio from a short interview with Anna Maria Tammaro on New Librarianship and Italian librarians: Interview on New Librarianship with Anna Maria Tammero from R. David Lankes on Vimeo. Audio Only: Here is a list of the … Continue reading

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