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Twitter Digest for 2012-02-10

@MargoGustina in Pearltrees or in general? The short answer is an easy way to make URL addressable "conversational chunks." in reply to MargoGustina 07:17:46, 2012-02-10 “How to Talk to Your Patrons About Penguin & Other Publishers Not Loaning eBooks to … Continue reading

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What Keeps Me Awake at Night

I had a great conversation with Roy Tennant about “what keeps me awake at night.” He is doing this as a series of podcasts, and he has just posted our talk. I also love that he sped it up to … Continue reading

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The End of Big Ideas?

Neal Gabler has a great opinion piece in the New York Times on living in a post-idea world: Aside from some seemingly obligatory swipes at social media, there is a lot to think about there. Has society become so … Continue reading

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“School Libraries: What Next?” Ebook Project

This looks like a great project. In light of full disclosure I have been asked to right the forward. We are delighted to accept submissions for a collection of crowd sourced short essays on the future of school libraries from … Continue reading

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Journalism and Librarianship

Here is an interview I did with Bill Densmore, organizer of the upcoming “Beyond Books” event on librarianship and journalism. A good primer for the Atlas of New Librarianship book launch event Thursday. David Lankes: The participatory, assertive, subversive, radically … Continue reading

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Great Video by the MIT Libraries

Extremely well done video that talks about libraries as communications and scholarship. At the end see how they celebrate not knowing where we are going…understanding that it is a journey of discovery and invention not blueprints. Is you library about … Continue reading

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Cute as an Atomic Bomb

OK, first you must watch this video. It is at the very least, adorable: Now, reflect on what you just saw. A kid (10 maybe?) talking about using AutoCAD to make a 3D object. What’s more, talking about using an … Continue reading

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