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IMLS Grant Funding Program to Boost Library Workers’ Online Teaching Skills

A press release on a new IMLS grant we’re doing with the fantastic folks at South Central Regional Library Council Original story at IMLS Grant Funding Program to Boost Library Workers’ Online Teaching Skills By: Diane Stirling (315) 443-8975 … Continue reading

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IMLS Funds Next Phase of ILEAD U: ILEAD USA!

I am thrilled to once again head up the instructor corps for ILEAD U – now ILEAD USA expanding to multiple states. The ILEAD USA project, sponsored by the Illinois State Library, seeks to help librarians develop new technology skills … Continue reading

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Salzburg Curriculum Snippets and References

After the seminar in Salzburg, I included references to the curriculum and ideas on transformative social action in some of my presentations. I’ve compiled the snippets and links here: Full Presentation: “Librarians as Change Agents” Video Webchat, U.S. Embassy in … Continue reading

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Salzburg Curriculum

This is a video walkthrough with some of my interpretations of the Salzburg curriculum for Librarians and Museum Professionals. More discussion and interpretation to come.

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Salzburg Curriculum for Library and Museum Studies

On October 19th, 2011 a group of innovators from over 20 countries gathered in Salzburg, Austria to discuss “Libraries and Museums in an Era of Participatory Culture.” Through plenary panels and intensive break out group, the seminar fellows developed a … Continue reading

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A rose by any other name…

I have included a discussion about what we call the folks who use libraries (members) in several presentations and it’s all over my book. Recently I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about what we call ourselves. Over the past … Continue reading

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ILEAD U Closing

Here is a video of my closing comments at the ILEADU session in Springfield Illinois (just under 14 minutes). To my international friends, if I messed up details, just let me know so I can post it here.

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